Democracy Year One

We read and discussed the story ‘Farmer Duck’

Was the farmer being fair making the duck do all the work?We then discussed what we would do to make life fair on the farm. We also discussed the animals meeting to make a plan of action and how to make every bodies ideas heard and how to choose an idea by voting , a fair way to decide on a plan of action.

The children enjoyed discussing the story, drawing pictures and completing speech bubbles for each animal


Respect and Tolerence

In year 4 we have been thinking about how people choose to live. Some choose to live in ways that are not like us, but thats ok. We may have different views about what is ok and not ok, and we can share those opinions in a respectful and tolerent way, We have looked and thought about what is a good way to live that means we will live happy healthy lives, and thought about how we can encourage others to do the same.

Rule of Law – Parliament

In Year 6, we have been discussing the role of Parliament in the UK and how laws are passed. We talked about the purpose of rules and laws in our country and how there is a long decision process before laws are approved: ideas, to bills, to debates in the House of Commons and House of Law and finally, the royal assent when King Charles needs to agree to the law being passed.

Year 5 acrostic poetry

In Year 5, we have been thinking about the British Value of ‘Mutual Respect’ and how we can show respect to one another within our school, homes and community.  We have written our own acrostic poems to explore this further, using the word ‘respect’ as the key word for our poems. 



In Year One we understand that we need to try and help each other, and respect that everyone is different. We are showing tolerance and understanding by showing each other compassion and kindness.

We add a heart to the kindness tree with our name and the act of kindness that we have shown to someone. We are being so kind to each other that our tree will be full in no time!

We are Britain!

This week we explored the book ‘We are Britain!’ by Benjamin Zephaniah. We read about 13 different children who live in Britain and compared the similarities and differences that we share in our own lives. We created our own profile in the style of the book so we could create a class book called ‘We are Britain’. We each chose a word to represent what people in Britain are like.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

In Reception we read the story The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. It is a story about a beautiful lonely fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share.

As a class we discussed times when we find it tricky to share and when we have felt left out with friends. We talked about how this made us feel. We thought about ways we could resolve situations when we feel left out. We also thought that it is okay to sometimes play alone as long as we remember to always be kind.

Year 1 Tolerance and mutual respect

Today we reminded ourselves of our British Values song.
We listened to the story of the ugly duckling and talked about how sad it was when the animals were unkind.
We thought about how we could be kind to everyone and show respect and tolerance.
We then drew all the children in our class and thought about how we have shown kindness towards them.

We thought about how we were all different and may believe different things but we can all show respect towards each other.

Year 2: Rule of Law

Last week, Year 2 and the rest of KS1/Reception had a visit from two police officers! This gave us a chance to ask the officers any questions we had, which was very helpful. They told us about their uniform, equipment and their role in the community and how they help to keep us safe. We discussed the Rule of Law and how the police force make sure people are doing the right thing and not breaking the law. Lots of the children would like to be police officers when they are older!