Wow how kind was Alice this week! We all put up our hands to choose a character for our Christmas Production.  We needed 10 stars, 10 sheep and 10 sheperds. Too many children wanted to be  sheep.  Alice put up her hand and offered to be a sheperds so that we could do our dances successfully . Thank you Alice  



British Values Champion

This week Jess voted for Charlotte to be our British Values Champion. Charlotte always listens to everyone’s point of view to make the games fair. 



The year 1 children in Siver Birch were given a choice when the dentist came in to talk about how to look after our teeth. She asked if some children would stand up in front of the class and eat a discloseing tablet, to show the plaque on their teeth. The children were very brave to show their friends their purple mouths. 


Year 1

This afternoon in Yew class, we talked about the 4 British Values and discussed our class books that link to each value. We enjoyed one of our favourite books called Dogs Don’t Do Ballet and thought about how this reminds us about Individual Liberty. We thought carefully about times when we have the freedom and choice to decide what we want to do.

We enjoyed singing our Key Stage One British Values song. We made a video of it!​​

Year Two British Values

This afternoon we looked at the book’We are Britain.’ Isabelle enjoyed reading to the class. 

We then discussed all of our British values, sang our song and talked about what we like about Britain. 

Straight after in DT we had to us Democracy as each group voted for the ingredients they wanted to go into their smoothie drink!