British Values Afternoon in Year a Two

This week Year Two came together to learn about one of our British values – Democracy. Miss Browse read us a book called ‘The Election’ and  we then made posters to demonstrate our understanding.  We decided that the best two posters would go on display in our classrooms and Alfie suggested that we should demonstrate democracy by voting for our favourite posters! A great idea! 



British Value Champions

Summer was chosen because she used her individual liberty and choose to stay in with Ollie when he was injured.

The children in Year One were chosen because of their tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and mutual respect when learning about Buddhism.




British Values

In Year Two we have chosen Esmee because she has shown Democracy – this morning she was very fair and kind by letting other people, that might not be her friends, join her game. Well Done Esmee!


In Year Four we have chosen Jasper because in the year three and four play Jasper showed excellent courage by expressing his voice and remembering his lines. Well Done Jasper!

In Year Four they also chose Ed for having really good courage, he had the most lines in the play and remembered them and spoke very cleary. Well Done Ed!  

In Year Six we chose Alicia for Individual Liberty. This week Alicia has shown really good progress in Sats practice and always makes the right individual learning choice. Well Done Alicia!


British Value Champions

Holly Beer showed tolerance of those of different faith and beliefs and mutual respect when she was polite and respectful when learning about different religions.

Erin Taylor was our British Value champion as she showed tolerance of those of different faith and beliefs and mutual respect, she is kind and likes to learn about other cultures.

Alfie Webster follows the rule of law making sure people are making the right choices and following rules.

British Value Song

imageOur very own Miss Blackman changed the lyrics to a popular song, to create ‘The USF British Value Song.’

This helps us to remember the British Values:

– Democracy

– Individual Liberty

– Mutual Respect

– The Rule of Law

– Tolerance of those of different Faiths and Beliefs

Can you hear them in our song?