The Rule of Law

Today Megan read our story ‘Mr Creep the Crook’ to the class for our British Values afternoon.

We then discussed why it’s important to have rules and laws in our country and how there are consequences for our actions, just like there were for Mr Creep in our class text.

We finished by singing our British values song to remind of us about all of our British Values.


British Values Afternoon in Year Two

British Values Afternoon
This afternoon Year Two learnt about ‘Individual Liberty’, one of our British Values. We read the book ‘Dogs don’t do ballet’ and this inspired us to write our own stories about individual liberty.   
  We wrote our own stories and these were some of the titles:’Tigers don’t play tennis’ and ‘Dolphins don’t play football’. Lexas wrote a story called ‘Penguins don’t play football’ and Isabelle wrote ‘Cats don’t do swimming.’ Here they are!